23 comments on “Jo is on Kettlebell training.

  1. Very well done Jo. It was a bloody tough one today. Everybody was struggling but nobody gave up. It was proper team work 🙂

  2. Hi guys,
    not feeling good today (period pain) + muscles aches “NO PAIN NO GAIN” but i’m full of energy and in a very good mood and i’m really looking forward to my personal training tomorrow. Thanks you for your support and comments. My challenge is to drink three litres of water. Have a good day everyone xxx

  3. Hey Jo, Hello love :), i am proud of you! so happy to see what u`v just written above. Just always be strong, remember, you have to do ONLY ONE STEP forward! You are able to do it! and then the next step. then the next one and the other one… and after miles you will see back, and you gonna be so proud of yourself! and you can say: YESSSS, I`V DONE IT! 🙂
    Good Luck, we are all here to support you! But you have to do the steps. Big hug xxx

  4. Thanks a lot kriszta i really appreciate your support and ur comments always give me the buzzto carry on. Love u too gorgeous xoxo

  5. Morning all, sorry for the late reply, i have been having trouble to get online. I’m doing well DONE IT drunk 3.5 itr of water yesterday. Im struggling

  6. Hi peeps
    feeling a bit disapointed tonight i really struggle in training and that really got to me .I feel mad with myself for letting me get so unfit. Thanks a lots for all ur support xxx.

  7. Morning guys,
    it’s a week today since i gave up chocolate, fizzy drink and crisps the first couple of days was so hard but now it ok i see them n i ask myself do i really need them? n think of the amount of exercises i need to do to burn them. I feel more in control aswell i can walk in the chocolate and biscuit aisle knowing i am not going to get tempted. Going for a walk later then kettlebell classes tonight. I’m so grateful to have a great and supportive trainer thank you Attila. Enjoy ur Friday all xxx

  8. Hi guys,
    hope ur all ok, silly me didn’t keep the right posture, i have hurt my back i’m in so much pain but not giving up what doesn’t kill me make me stronger.Fingers crossed i will be better tomorrow.Have a great evening, thanks ever so much for all ur support xxx

  9. Hello Jo,

    How are you today? Hope feeling better. I am afraid this can happen to anyone, who is too keen 😀 Inpossible to do lots and hard training without few injuries. But try to train under controll. Better to keep your healthy body. 🙂 But good thing in bad, that this shows also, how much you want this and you put your 100% in when you are on training! Very well done Jo.
    one step only …. remember! 🙂 you will get there in the end, don’t worry. xxx

    • Hi,
      I’m doing much better thank you, still in a bit of pain. you are right i have learn from it and i’ll be more careful now and i’m not letting this get in my way. Thank you very much for ur support xxx

  10. Hi guys,
    hope u had a great week-end, i’m much better it was muscles pain still in a bit of pain but nothing compare to Friday. The doctor advice me to rest and sign me off work for 5 days and was prescript strong pain killer. I’m not letting this stop me healthy eating and walking until i’m back to normal, which should only be couples of days. I walked for more than 90 mins today from my house to my sister. Can’t wait to start training again. Thanks a lots Attila for ur phone call , text and support which kept me focus. Thank you all for your comments xxx

  11. Happy halloween guys,
    im so touch by all ur support, thank you ever so much.I’m almost healed and so looking forward to start training again, getting so bored of resting n doing nothing and i don’t want to fall back into my old habits.Have a great evening xxx

  12. Hi guys,
    hope u r all ok?
    I’m fine when back to classes today,i did 40 mins on the treadmill instead of kettlebell.Am so please starting training on thursday and so excited first weight in and measurements aswell. Thanks for all ur support goodnight.xxx

  13. Hi,
    feeling so nervous and excited about weight in tomorrow and c’ant wait to share it with u guys.you have all been amazing, your support and comments have kept me going and i’m so thankful. Tons of love xxx

  14. Hello Jo, come on, don`t have to feel nervous! 🙂 U`v done a great job, U did what you could. I am sure the result gonna be there. 🙂 xxx

  15. Hello,
    omg i have lost 5kg i’m so haaaappppyyyy, it’s unbelievable a HuGE THANk YOU for all ur support and THANKS A MILLION to Attila there’s no way i could have done it without you. Training was hard today but still fun, i have never sweated that much in my whole life but it was so worthy and the pain was forgotten when i heard the result. I love u all xxx

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