3 comments on “Jo has a fantastic Kettlebell training….

  1. Morning guys,
    Hope you are all ok, i’m fine. I found the hour of madness very challenging last night not that it’s usually not. My whole body is aching this morning and my legs are wobbly but i’m glad i was able to trained again. Thanks ever so much for all your support i’m truly touched. Have a fab week-end xxx

  2. Hi peeps,
    It’s been a long painful day on the plus side i had many work colleagues who were back from holidays complimenting me on how there’s something different about me, how slimmer i look and happier. It’s so true i don’t only look happier i feel happier too, i know all the pain and hard work is so worthy. I’m truly blessed to have a brilliant trainer and all your support i’m extremely grateful. Tons of love xxx

  3. Hi guys,
    Hope u had a great week-end. I’m doing well, got training tomorrow. Looking forward to a great week, healthy eating, exercises, plenty of water. Hard work, focus and determination are the keys. Thanks for all your comments, have a fabulous week xxx

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