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  1. Morning guys,
    After training last night shower, then went straight to bed i was very tired + muscles pain not that i am complaining as i know with pain will come fantastic result for Thursday weight check also i got the opportunity to change my life for the better and i’m not going to let it go. It’s only after i made all the changes that i realised what i was doing to my body and how it then affect my self-esteem. Now that i am on the right path a little pain is definitely not going to stop me “NO PAIN NO GAIN” also i have all your supports and a brilliant trainer what more can i asked. Have a fab week-end. Tons of love xxx

  2. Hi everyone,
    hope u had a good day. I’m in a super good mood for no reason really, drunk 2.8ltr of water so far today still focus and determine. I can’t wait to be next year so excited to be the new healthy me and being able to run after the bus and go up the stairs without being so breathless that i can’t even talk and of course being able to buy clothes in every shops before all of this i know there’s loads of hard work to do but i’m extremely positive that i can do it. Enjoy the rest of your evening. ****THANKS A MILLION FOR ALL YOUR COMMENTS AND SUPPORTS XXX ****

  3. Heyyyy miss kissy :)) we know, what is that pic above, don`t we? lol
    Chika, i love the way how you think abouth your opportunity, you are on the right path i am telling you! I know you gonna win, so believe in you. 🙂 Soon we go for a great shopping and have fun, buy lovely clothes. Can`t wait. 🙂

    Well done Jo, you know, set up your mind, you can do it! You are absolutely brilliant. You deserve this chance from life, here is your time!!!

    Big hug, Krisz xxx

    • Hahahahahaha yes we definitely know, it’s our little secret lol. Thank you very much i’m truly touched also bought tears to my eyes, thanks for being there from day one and for believing in me. Can’t wait for shopping as well.
      Take care xxx

  4. Hi guys,
    Thanks you very very much for all your supports. Going for a long walk in the morning then training in the evening. I’m doing well, great week ahead very excited. Have a good week all. Tons of blessings xxx

  5. Hi peeps,
    training was fantastic today, love it. Not doing to good at the moment having difficulty breathing as my airway is blocked was given an asthma pump to use for the next two days but there’s nothing as a good work out to make me feel better, still surprising myself with how much my fitness level is improving.Thank you for all your supports and Thanks for another great work Attila . Good night xxx

  6. Good evening all,
    I’m doing ok i’m getting annoyed with my health at the moment but i guess if i don’t let it get in the way it will get fed up and leave me alone. Training was intense today i wasn’t sure if i was going to survive it. So looking forward to weight check on thursday. Take care xxx

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