4 comments on “Be positive …. have fun….

  1. Hi guys,
    I want to share a weird dream i had this week. I dreamed i was given an enormous box of chocolate i started putting five at a time in my mouth after eating half of the box i felt so bad and guilty. I started to think how i have ruined this opportunity and how i have let myself, Attila and you guys down. I woke up and kept tossing in bed thinking the same things over and over again for about 45mins then i thought but jo if you were dreaming it wasn’t real, what a relief that was. I looked at the time it was 3.25 and went back to sleep. The next day i coudn’t stop laughting at myself for being focus even in my sleep lol. I can’t believe i lost sleep and felt bad and guilty over chocolates that i didn’t even eat. Lots of love. Thanks for all your supports xxx.

  2. Hi peeps,
    Hope your all fine. Training was challenging asual but I beat the crosstrainer tonight and am very please with myself as last time I couldn’t even do it. Thanks you everyone for all your supports. Take care and goodnight xxx

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