7 comments on “Sweating like hell …..

  1. Attila, ladies don’t sweat… They perspire – joe you looked great tonight – keep up the good work – we are all supporting you 🙂

  2. Hi peeps, Wednesday is my day to rest I am having an extra early night to refuel my body as I’m so tired and achy. Thanks a million for all your support. Good night all xxx

  3. Hi guys,
    Training was great, my fitness level is improving I need to work harder and make sure I get 8 hours of sleep a night. I have gone down a size on my work top and I keep getting told how good I look nowadays, which shows am definely on the right path. Thanks Attila for being a fantastic trainer and thank you all for your support. Tons of love Xxxx

  4. Hi everyone, Hope you are all ok? I’m great, really enjoyed kettlebell tonight I gave it my best. I will be walking this week-end and jogging in between. Have a great week-end. Tons of blessings. Thanks ever so much for all your comments and support xxx

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