2 comments on “Interval Training: Why the “Fat-Burning Zone” is a MYTH!

  1. Hi guys,
    Hope you are having a good day. Sorry for the delay i have been having trouble with my internet since last night. I am well looking forward to this week training and feeling positive. I went walking/Jogging yesterday morning let just say i wasn’t good at it but practice make perfect right. Today i’m walking from my sister house to mine which should take me about an hour and forty minutes. Thanks for all your support xxx.

  2. Hii, I only managed to walked 20mins today due to my day not going to plan. Since I started eating healthy and exercising it has changed my life, I used to live on redbulls, chocolates, cokes, fast foods and sleeping pills. I was always tired and depressed. Now I am full of energy, happier, getting my confidence and self-esteem back. I could never thanks Attila enough for giving me this opportunity. Have a good night. xxx

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