7 comments on “Tips for the festive period….

  1. Hi everyone,
    I had my first challenge, today is my sister birthday we normally go to this chinese buffet restaurant every single time I would feel sick leaving the restaurant due to over eating. At first I told my sister that I wasn’t coming then I thought it’s not fair on her and all my life I will be face with the same situation. So I changed my mind and last night I started to think and decide what I was going to eat also I bought her a cake which has been sitting in my living room all day yesterday I would usually get over excited and look at it every hour and counting down how long is left before I eat it. So for lunch I had 2 soups, tiny amount of chicken, chinese green tea, water and NO birthday cake I didn’t crave it at all even when everyone was saying how tasty it was I had fresh fruit instead. I am extremely proud of myself, it’s just amazing how working so hard to lose the weight has really changed my perception on food I couldn’t wish for a better day. Thank you all xxx

  2. Hi guys,
    I have been feeling a bit depressed today due to the weather just hate it. Training was great really lift my mood. I wore a new pairs of trousers for work today after being harassed by my collegues saying that i needed smaller one for the last two weeks lol, what a great feeling though. I’m truly blessed and lucky to have a great trainer. Thank you for all your support i’m really touched. Take-care xxx

  3. Hi everyone,
    Hope you had a good day. I had a fantastic day a friend of mine told me that she was very proud of me and how she sees me as an example as she has been struggling with her weight too and she also told me that she know that if i can do it then she can do it too, i couldn’t agree more. I was so touched. Another friend told me how can i be so strong and do it day in day out? Or if maybe i was in love? as at the moment i am stronger than her as she can’t get herself to the gym during winter. I told her that the secret is i have a great trainer and i have set my mind into doing it, and all the support that i have, if you believe in yourself everything is possible even if a hundred people is standing in front of you and doesn’t believe you will still achieve what you have set your heart on but if it’s was the other way around even though those hundred people believe in you, without self believe you won’t be able to achieve anything. Kettlebell was great, i have used the sauna for the first time ever today which was good. Goodnight all and thank you xxx

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