4 comments on “Jo tried the sauna……..

  1. Hi peeps,
    I’m great had my second colon therapy tonight it was good and it’s just amazing how much you can release. I’m going to have a well deserved long sleep now. Thank you ever so much for your support xxx

  2. Hi everyone,
    Training was great tonight thank you Attila and knowing that i gave it my very best felt so great. Thank you all xxx.

  3. Hi guys,
    Kettlebell was really hard tonight i did struggle. Will be walking this week-end after work. Training wise it was a great week. Have a fab week-end. Tons of blessing xxx.

  4. Hi peeps,
    Hope you had a good, gosh it’s so cold came home got change straight away and went for my walk, i knew that if i sit down i wouldn’t have done it. You are all amazing thanks a lot for your support xxx

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