6 comments on “Tour de (dorking)….

  1. Well done Jo. You continue to show will power and great determination. I bet there aren’t many people who lose weight over Christmas.

  2. Well that was hard, I was suprised to last that long on the bicycle I guess I’ve underestimate myself. Thank you very much Attila. Xxx

  3. Hey guys,
    Had a brillant day. I was so touch by a friend at work when she told me I was her inspiration to quitting smoking 5 days ago. She said that if I can work hard and loose the weight she can stop smoking. She made my day because its great to know that I am motivating people and if I can do anyone can do it aswell. Thankyou very much for all your support. Stay bless. Xxx

  4. Hi guys,
    i woke up this morning feeling on top of the world i have a fabulous day. Kettlebell was fun tonight, all is great woooohhhhoooo. Have a fantastic week-end, i’m going running trainers shopping tomorrow with my christmas giftcard. Tons of love xxx.

  5. Hi guys,
    had an exciting day bought my running trainers. My confident keep on growing which is brilliant this journey is so great i kept learning about healthy eating, exercise and also a lot about myself which being honest i wasn’t expecting. It’s like i’m learning to find and love myself it’s just amazing. Thank you for all your support and Thanks to Attila for being the best trainer. Tons of love xxx

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