3 comments on “New challenge for Jo ……

  1. Hi everyone,
    i couldn’t get out of bed today to go for my walk then i went on facebook saw that Attila went swimming and bicycle ride then i saw Krizstina went running i felt guilty and that i let the team down so go up straight away and went for a long fast walk for two hours i walked up lots of hill road and i felt great afterward. It’s suprising where motivation come from sometimes. Thanks for all your support. Tons of blessings xxx

  2. Hi everyone,
    Hope you had a good day, mine was good i went for a 20mins jogging/walking fast after training was cancel due to power failure. I really enjoyed the jogging and couldn’t believe i was able to do it, it’s amazing how my fitness level keep improving. Bring on the 5km run i’m so excited. Thank you all, have a great evening xxx

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