2 comments on “First jogging ……….

  1. I’m so proud of myself, thank you very much Attila and thank you guys for all your support. The jogging was hard but for someone who had never run i did well i still can’t believe that i can jogg. 100 days already wwwooowww that went so quick. Not having to carry those 52 pounds day in day out make such a great difference, i’m amaze on how my fitness level has improved, i’m happier, more confident there’s still a long way to go and i’m so looking forward to it. Tons of blessings xxx.

  2. Hi everyone,
    Life is just funny a year ago i was waiting to hear from the NHS after my doctor refer me for gastric bypass surgery after we tried all the option to help loose weight, i was praying so hard that they will accept to fund the surgery and i started to dream about how this would change my life and how 2011 was going to be my best year. My mum and some of my close friend was very sceptic about it but i took no notice i thought they are slim they don’t understand, i would rather die during the surgery than living in this fat body that’s how depressed i was. Then i went to see my GP when she told me that they rejected my application due to my BMI being only 40 and because i didn’t have any related deseases like diabetes, cholesterol i cried i asked her if there was any other way she could help me loose weight she said unfortunately we have tried everything and advice me to get it done in a private hospital i was so devastated little did i know that a year on i would be 52 pounds lighter, jogging, enjoying healthy eating and exercises. That i would also be a more confident and happier person. I’m honestly so glad that they rejected my application now, surgery would have been a quick fit i would have never done it the right way and learnt so much. Thank you, tons of hugs xxx

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