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  1. Hi everyone,
    Hope you are all okay. I wasn’t looking forward to training today because of the cold and i knew i was going to jogg outside, i was praying that Attila would give me some others exercise to do indoor instead but as soon as i saw him guess what he told me i try to say it was cold but he was having none of it LOL. Jogging was really hard my legs are killing me but i’m very happy we did it, as this is a typical excuse the cold itself wasn’t bad after couple of minutes i was warm. Thank you guys for your support and Thanks a million Attila for everything. Tons of blessings xxx

  2. Well done Jo – when you do this on a cold but sunny day it is the best. I ran up box hill yesterday morning as the sun was comming out and it was just beautiful – so with sore legs I tried to get out of some hard work with Attila!! can we do this and can we do that , so it would be easier. But no mercy, no pain – no gain, and bloody hell did he make me work hard – but as ever, you feel fantastic afterwards – Attila you are a God 🙂

    • Hi John,
      Thank you, you are doing great too. I know the feeling i don’t know why we try when we know that Attila won’t give in. As you said he is brilliant he make exercise so much enjoyable and he keep proving us that we are stronger than what we think. The best feeling afterwards is knowing that you have give it your best. Take-care 🙂

  3. Good afternoon guys,
    Hope you are having a good day. I’m ok going through a rough patches at the moment, really enjoyed kettlebell last night. I’m going jogging and i’m going to do my home plan after work then i’m going to have a long and relaxing bath. I could never thank you enough guys for all your support, thanks for taking the time to comments this mean a lot to me. Tons of love xxx

  4. Hi guys,
    Hope you are all good. I’m doing well, I still wake up feeling scare that it’s was all just a dream it feel too good to be true sometimes and that it’s just going to slide away I’m happy that I feel that way because I don’t want to take the all thing for granted and I always give it my best. I’m truly spoiled and I really enjoy the whole experience. Thank you all. Tons of love xxx

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