7 comments on “Jo won on the treadmill 3 mile challange…..

  1. CONGRATULATIONS JO! That is very impressive indeed, thats 5k in 38 mins. thats exactly the time it took me on my 1st 5k how spooky!!! LOL Johnx

  2. Hi everyone,
    Wooohhhooo I’m so proud of myself it was hard but afterwards I was on top of the world this will always be one of my biggest achievement. I have always wanted to run when I go for a walk I see people running I keep wishing that one day I could run too but as I keep putting on weight I gave up on my dream I could barely walk fast. But hey never give up on your dream, I will take plenty of tissues with me when I do the 5km run as I know I will cried half the way lol and I’m not that emotional but this will mean so much to me. Thank you Attila for helping me get fit and for giving me the chance to realised my dream. Thank you guys for all your support. Tons of blessing xxx

  3. Hi everyone,
    Huge thank you to all of you for taking the time to come up to me and congratulate me in the gym, at training and for those who comment on here your support mean so much to me and it keep me going you are all amazing I’m truly touch loads of love xxx
    I’m doing great my whole body is aching the pain feel good though as it remind me of what I have achieved really struggle in kettlebell tonight looking forward to go to bed now, goodnight have a fab week-end xxx

  4. Hi all,
    Hope you are all fine. It’s been a very long and emotional day. I did my jogging and home plan exercises, had a long and relaxing bath so looking forward to go to bed. Thank you for your support. Goodnight, Big hugs xxx

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