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  1. As mentioned in the blog it is important to be clear about your goals – I think its also very important to write these down – when you write your goals down make sure that you dont write i will do this or will become this. When writing your goals write them as if you have already acheived them, visualise in you mind what it will look like and feel like to have achieved your goal/s ie: ” I love how my clothes smell fresh now that I dont smoke” ” I look great and people look at me in a size? dress” ” now that i have lost weight it feels wonderfull to run arround with my kids” – then write it down!! Write each goal on a small piece of paper and then carry them arround with you, in your wallet/purse. Look at them several times a day , close your eyes and see and feel what it is like in your minds eye to have achieved them – this will change your negative self talk and negative picture in your mind over a short time – this type of goal is called a positive affirmation. they affirm in your mind how you can and will be . Your mind can be programmed just like a computer . Remember ,YOU ARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE YOURSELF TO BE! and a good trainer like Attila helps……
    John Stanley – DMS-EN(G) MFS.

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