3 comments on “Don’t be afraid….

  1. Very true Attila. But sometimes it takes a little longer to get up when it’s a big bruise. As long as you know you’re falling you can prepare for when you hit the ground! You learn from all experiences good and bad – it’s how you dust yourself off that matters. It’s better to have tried…..

  2. Hi everyone,
    Hope you guys are fine. I’m tired and stress other than that i’m ok. Looking forward to moving house this week-end tons of packing though i find some photos of my holidays in Norway a year and a half ago i was so stunned what a transformation already i nearly throw them again then i thought i will keep it for when i reach my goal. Thank you guys for all your support, i’m truly bless. Love you all xxx

  3. Hi all,
    Thank you very much for all your support, hope you had a good day mine was fantastic went training as i’m volunteering for the olympic i have more respect for the athletes since i started exercising. Had the best training session ever this evening i was sweating bucket lol honestly i have never sweat that much, i gave myself 100% and it felt fantasbulous really enjoyed it thank you Attila. Goodnight xxx

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