3 comments on “Happy valentine’s day….

  1. Hi guys,
    Hope you are good. I’m very well, i did my home plan exercises. I got invited to a day out as i’m volunteering for the olympic for the first time ever i was so excited and was looking forward to go shopping as nothing fit me anymore. Normally i would be very worried as everything i will try i won’t feel confident it was so much hassle and it was much more easier to turn down the invite i’m glad that my attitude toward socialising is changing. Thank you for your support. Tons of blessing, goodnight xxx

  2. Hi everyone,
    Hope you are all ok, i’m great Kettlebell was a killer tonight gosh that was tough. Yesterday i tried my sister’s size 16 clothes to use it as a motivator as Attila suggested i tried a pair of skinny jeans which fitted perfectly everywhere but i couldn’t do the zip then i tried a top it fitted perfectly i was so shocked that i tried another one from another shop just in case and it fitted aswell i still couldn’t believe it that i tried a different one from a different shop just to be sure again it fitted perfectly that was the best feeling ever and i knew that all the hard paid off and it’s so worthy. I thought i would like to be a size 16 when i go to the day out in six weeks little did i know that by then size 16 is going to be too big for me. Thank you ever so much for all your support i could not have done it without you. Thanks Attila for your dedication and passion and for changing and saving my life, teaching me to be healthy this is an amazing journey where i’m learning so much about myself i’m happier inside out, i love myself, i’m more confident i wake up everyday feeling so blessed for been given this opportunity. Tons of blessing xxx

  3. Hi guys,
    Hope you are all well, i’m not doing too good been in bed all day yesterday. I had a conversation with my sister who live with me about the way we used to eat before it would be fast food almost every night pizza, fried chicken, burger, chips and tons of chocolates, cake, fizzy drinks, sweets, ice-cream looking back i thought what was i thinking i was digging my grave with my knife and fork i realised now what i was putting my body through. People eat to live, i used to live to eat i’m so glad i change my whole eating habits i now love to cook and surprisingly i don’t crave or miss those unhealthy foods . Thank you for all your support. Big hugs xxx

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