5 comments on “Go to running….

  1. Hi guys,
    Hope you are all good. I’m extremely tired after a fourteen hours and a half day and going to a funeral. I think it’s about time i learn to ride a bicycle (i know lol i do things the opposite way i learn how to drive before i learn to ride a bicycle) 50 mins walk from the train station to my house after training is no fun i have to say i feel sorry for myself. Training was great tonight really enjoyed it. Goodnight all, thanks a million xxx

  2. Hi everyone,
    Hope you are well. I had an ok day wasn’t too well and felt exhausted. All day i had about 12 collegues saying how skinny and confident i look some of them went away for half term and i was off aswell which meant i haven’t seen them for about 10 days it’s just amazing and on day like today it keep me going. Kettlebell was great tonight as usual very intense. Looking forward to go to bed now, goodnight. Loads of blessing xxx

  3. Hi all,
    Hope you are good. I’m ok it’s been a long hard week. Thank you for all your support. Have a great week-end. Tons of blessing xxx

  4. Hi guys,
    Hope you had a great week-end it goes so quick i had a very busy week-end im doing well and working hard training are great always doing something new and challenging myself. Thanks a million guys for all your support and a massive thank you to Attila for everything. Goodnight xxx

  5. Hi everyone,
    hope you had a good day, I’m fine. last weekend I was going to town and I couldn’t decide what to wear as all my clothes don’t fit me anymore as they are too big. Its normally the other way around where I put clothes on and won’t feel comfortable and would give up going out at the end. At last I had to borrow a top from my sister to wear, which was the first time ever I fit in her clothes and some old jean. Thank you for your support tons of blessing. xxx

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