5 comments on “Duck salad…..

  1. Hi guys,
    hope you are ok, i am great i have been so busy lately and not having internet at home at the moment is one of the reason i have not been posting i do apologise. I had a surprised treat on Wednesday was invited to dinner really enjoyed it photos to follow. Its amazing how confident i feel now text my friend and said let go out for something to eat which is something i would never do before it was a nice evening i choose the healthy option. Thank you for all your support. Tons of love xxx

  2. Hi everyone,
    Hope you are good. I’m great went shopping today for the London Ambassador day out I’m getting so bad at this LOL even my sister said how I have changed I can’t help it I just enjoy shopping now and I have worked really hard I just want to show off my new body in nice clothes that embrace my figure it’s just fantastic I love it. Thank you guys for your support and thank you Attila there’s no way that I could have done it without. Tons of love xxx

  3. Hi everyone,
    Have a great week-end, I had a passenger running to me and explained that she has lost her passport and that her gate was closing we ran up the stairs to lost property it wasn’t handed in ran down the stairs and to the other side of the airport to the gate at that point the poor lady was in tears when we got to the gate a family member wave her passport she gave me a huge hug on my way back I was thinking thanks God I have lost all those kilos there was no way I could have run all this way before and manage to keep a conversation to reassure her I would have died half way and i felt blessed that I could helped her and that she found her passport and proud of what I have achieved and that made my day. Thank you for all your support. Loads of blessing xxx

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