2 comments on “Still happy….

  1. Hi everyone,
    I apologise for not posting recently this is due to my internet playing up in the last couple of weeks it work for couple of hours then it stop for days the engineers are coming again on Friday hopefuly they will get it fix for once and for all, out of the blue it decided to work tonight i thought i would grap the opportunity. Hope you are all well, i’m doing great, training are going really well. I get stop everyday by people asking me what’s the secret and getting lots of compliments. I went to Thorne park this week-end it was fantastic i didn’t need to worry if i would fit in the rides or use larger seat and i felt so confident. My close friends told me how in the last six months they saw me transform from shy to a confident outgoing person i would be texting them and asked them let go out whereas before they would nag me to go out without success i finally have a social life and i feel good inside out. Thank you ever so much for all your support it mean so much to me. Thank you Attila for giving me this opportunity. Tons of love xxx

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