3 comments on “Kettlebell still in charge…

  1. Hi everyone,
    hope you are all good, i’m doing great i feel fantastic inside out i have never been this healthy and fit and love the fact that i can run now that’s one of my biggest achievement and i have got the best personal trainer he make it so fun and i would never believe that i would enjoy exercises one day. Thank you for all your support lots of blessing xxx

  2. Hi guys,
    Hope you had a good day, mine was really boring. Training was great tonight its getting harder as my fitness level inceased but as usual it’s fun and enjoyable. This whole experience has change how i look at myself, my confident and how i feel about myself. Thank you for all your support, lots of love xxx

  3. Hi all,
    I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you for your support i’m truly blessed. Really enjoyed training tonight nothing better to relieve some stress 6 weeks until my size 12 uniform for volunteering for the olympic arrives and 10 weeks until i wear it, it’s all seem real now feeling so excited. Tons of blessing xxx

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