8 comments on “9. Month ago……it was impossible ;)))

  1. Hi,
    Woooohhhhoooo i beat it, so pleased very proud of myself i am now able to use all the equipments in the gym. I am doing great training are going really well lookinf forward to reach my first target size 12 for my London ambassador uniform. I got my belly button pierced today something that i wanted to do years ago to celebrate how far i have come it’s not over yet but when i went to visit my old work colleagues the look on their faces, some on them didn’t recognised me and they keep asking where did i leave the other half of my body it made me realised what i have achieved. Thanks a milion for your support. Tons of blessing xxx

  2. Hi guys,
    Hope you had a great day loving the weather it really lift my mood when it’s sunny. I’m well had a busy day kettlebell was fun tonight really enjoyed it. A huge THANK YOU to everyone for your support i have never felt better both inside out i bought my first summer dress ever and wore it on my birthday so exciting. Big kisses and hugs lots of love xxx

  3. Hi,
    Hope you had a good day. I received an email today confirming that i will receive my size 12 uniform this week-end i’m so excited as when i ordered it before Christmas i was size 20 i remembered when i told my friends and family the look on their faces says it all but my minds was set and i was determined to show them i can do it and here i am one size away. Thank you Attila for your support, help, believing in me and for giving me this opportunity no way i could have done it without you doing this has changed me as a person and my life. Hard work, focus and determination are keys to success thank you everyone for your support from the start it really kept me going. Tons of blessings xxx

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