5 comments on “How to Train Your Brain to Love Drinking Water – and Lose Weight

  1. Water? When i was younger, i use to drink only couple of glasses of water. I prefered soft drinks or fruit juices! I loved juices. Little exercise, eating lots of bread… , so not really healthy way to treat my body, right? luckily never had problem with extra weight BUT had lots of problem with my digestion. Since when i started to care abouth my health, have a bit of knowledge abouth healthy life, food, drink, life style, i acted differently.
    I started to drink WATER 2 liters/day. It was annoing for a month to go to ladies in every 20 minutes 🙂 but slowly slowly all turned into normal. My body needed and kept the water.
    So what has changed????
    Surprisely 🙂 my digestion system working better
    My skin is nicer
    I am more energetic
    AAAAAAAND I LOVE WATER! 95% of my choise is WATER! 🙂
    YOUR BODY NEEDS IT! Drinking enough water and ingnoring `rubbish` ones could easily make you healthier.

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